3 ways How to Make any Poster Great

In Year 5, we looked at how to make a poster.

Ramadan poster shaytan
Somebody is leaving… because Ramadan is coming…

When you look at a poster there are some design principles to keep in mind.

Size, Color contrast, Large text, Images that tell a story.

A poster can be as small as an A4 paper or big as a billboard on the side of the road. Whenever you pass by the big billboard you read it. It doesn’t matter if you want the product / service or not. Its a way of getting information across to an audience who is not expecting to be interested in it.

Whenever you are making a poster keep in mind some things.

You general audience: If you are posting it in a school, then the material has to be suitable for a younger audience. A Poster to do with Pizza will be more successful than a poster that has to do with selling tires. Kids are not interested in buying tires. They like pizza. At the same time though, the kids will read the tire poster.

Your message: What message are you trying to tell your audience and how are you going to tell them that message? The best way, in my opinion is to tell a message through an image. An image crosses all language barriers and can be understood almost instantly. A poster needs to be understand as fast as possible because your audience isn’t really interested in it. They just read it because its so big and so easy to read.

Your colors: Often times, I see posters with colors that don’t attract your attention. These colors look good but the purpose of a poster is to really grab your attention and to read whatever is on the poster. Pick colors that have a striking contrast or colors that will catch someone’s attention.

Below are some posters that fit well with the Ramadan theme.

Ramadan Poster with pictures
Ramadan Poster with pictures

This poster is great. Its got striking colors, big words  and images that tell a message.

Hope you enjoy!

Source: Ramadan Poster with pictures – https://aimsdesign.wordpress.com/

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