HTML for Beginners: Tags

html tags

For our IGCSE students, we looked at the crazy world of HTML. That’s nerd

language for Hyper Text Markup Language. Basically, its a language only computers can read. We call these programs Internet Browsers, so something like Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. They read this language and interpret and display it as something we can understand. Through this Language it will change the appearance and give other functions to the text that will help us navigate the website all the fancy stuff we see like colors, tables, lists, fonts and other things i didn’t mention.

First thing you have look at is a thing called tags. They look like this <>. In these arrows will have a word. This word will tell the browser to perform an action with that tag. For example, <“p”> tells the computer that it has to make a new paragraph. There are many tags you can use, you can look them up here. You will need to end the tag. You can do this by using a “/”. It should look like this <“p”> <“/p”> This is what’s called “nesting”. Nesting is the content between two tags. Just like a bird with its eggs.

You can download a Web Authoring software here.

When you are writing out HTML by hand. It might be too much work or you might want to do something but don’t know how to do it. The web authoring software will help you with that. I found one that’s called Amaya. It’s open source so that means its free, so free is always good.

Hopefully, I’ll be posting up another lesson on styles and attributes. If you are Year 10 post a comment down below that shows me that you read this. :P If you know more about Tags and HTML than me, please comment to correct any mistakes I may have made.

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