Simple steps to draw better and faster

I was reading a Blog and wanted to share a bit what I learned and taught to my Year 7 students.

In this post, the author is talking about ways to practice any form of art effectively. In a 3 ways. What, How and When. My post is a more summed up version. You can view his post for a more descriptive version.

What: What area do you want to focus on, improve or interested in.
How: How are you going to practice to improve your interest in the best way you possibly canWhen: Pick a time of the day to practice. It doesn’t matter how long it is, just get into a routine of practice.

Many of us think that we practice and are good at Art. When we are asked the third question. When. We pause and say “Every now and then”. This is one of the biggest problems I face when I look at it.

My students were discussing what they want to improve or interested in. Many of them said cars, others said patterns and buildings. The next step they took was how to do it. I suggested different techniques like drawing from still life, reference pictures or even tracing. When I was growing up, I used to practice all the time just drawing what I see. I hope to start again. Last question was when they want to practice. Some of them said they don’t have time. I think a bit of time out of the day to practice something you want to practice is very healthy for yourself.

I asked them to practice for a month. I hope to post their starting pictures on a later post and a month later to post how they have improved. I will also try to post them on my website.

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