Why you should format your Computer

Blue screen of death? Slow computer frustrating you? If you said yes to any one of these. Then you may need to format your computer.

Format my computer?

Sometimes a computer can get really slow. One reason is that the computer’s memory is filled up so much that it can’t do anything else. It’s like when you eat a lot of food and try to pray Isha. You can’t move or think well. If you don’t eat so much or wait for a while you can get back to your old self. Unfortunately, computers aren’t the same as us. Meaning the computer won’t make itself better. Someone has to come along and do that task.

A computer might also have viruses, malware, adware or other software that will take up its memory or it speed. If you notice on some computers that they have ads, that’t not the way a computer should be like.

What’s the difference?

I hope to install the software you are used to with addition software like:

  • Adobe Reader
  • Google Chrome
  • Amaya Web Authoring software
  • AVG Antivirus Free
  • Paint.net

For more information on more free and great software for you computer click here

Just got a new computer or formatted your computer? Ninite is a great for installing all of your favorite software with a click of a button. Just choose which software you want and Ninite will make a package for you that will install all of it for you. Big deal. No charge

Its advised that you format your computer once every year or two years. Its always nice to have a computer that is fast and responsive. If you would like to know how to format your computer, leave a comment below. Happy cleaning!

Still need your files?

During the next week or so. In sha Allah, I’ll be formatting all the computers. What this means is that I’ll be wiping / erasing all the data in the hard drive and installing new software. If you have any files or important documents I would advise you to get them before I delete them. This goes for Teachers AND students.

Cleaning will begin on the 13th of July, 2015 in sha Allah.

If you need your files, leave a comment below so I can save them for you.


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