What’s new?

I have been busy getting my website running and looking good. I have had some ups and downs. But overall, Alhamdulilah things are looking great.

Art classes should be on schedule. Classes begin this weekend. I changed the timings and pricing of the classes. Its now 10:30 – 12:00 on Saturdays and Sundays. The price has dropped from RM60 – RM50. All supplies will be included so you won’t have to worry about bringing anything.

At the moment, I am working on the final steps for registration. That will include how to get to class, the code of conduct, how to pay online and other small but important things.

For the first month, I’ll be focusing on drawing. I chose this because its the thing I’m most good at. Two, the cost of buying the supplies is relatively low compared to other supplies like clay or paint. I’m seeing what the response is. If it’s good then next month I can have either a painting or dry media class.

There will be 4 steps to enroll for classes:
1. Enquire if there is a spot available for you and see if you fit the criteria (if you are old enough).
2. You’ll get an email saying if you got in or not.
3. Your parents or you with your parent’s permission can fill out a form with more information.
4. You’ll get an email giving you all the instructions how and when to come to class.

If you didn’t understand something you can leave a comment below. Otherwise you can go to my website and begin to register for classes.



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