First there was a blog…..

I’m not what you call the social network kind of guy. I used to have a Facebook account, then it got weird. I didn’t feel right so I opted out. I still don’t have an active Facebook account but now have all sorts of ways to connect with me.

WordPress blog: This blog will be used to post things in more detail. If you want to read a lot of words and feel grown up (sort of), then you can use it.

Twitter: This will be used to tweet short burst of things I’m working on. Could be updates on the websites or maybe I’m trying to fix something.

Tumblr: If you are enrolled in my class, I’ll be posting your artwork along with mine here. You can tell your friends on how great you are at Art.

Google+: I should be getting of some sort of fan base. News, updates can be posted and its a way to reply and talk to you guys.

Website: This is why I had to make all of these social network accounts. I’m more an old school person and don’t really see a need for it. I like to talk to people in person. But, I got to get with the times :P

See you in the future


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