Drawing Classes – Learn to draw like a pro

Drawing is the place where everything that we create begins from. Let it be from airplanes to cars to buildings and anything else you can think of. Drawing was the beginning of an idea that was brought into life.

In my classes you can have the opportunity to learn:

Drawing Techniques

Do you like to draw? Can’t figure out the practical drawing techniques to achieve your desired result? Let’s take steps to discover your talent to draw with us. If you are amongst of those people into art but constantly being told “don’t waste your time with drawing” indirectly or directly, this Drawing Techniques class is for you to put that “noise” to stop. Our teaching method will help exercise your hand muscle to actually draw with your heart and mind.

Shading Techniques
Want to learn the next step after drawing – Shading? Learn which shading works for you and not with us. It is time for you to see more dimensions in your drawing with preferred shading(s). We will help you to find out your own correct way of holding the pencil to produce beautiful shading.

Composition & Perspective
The designer of our universe has placed everything beautifully. It is same with drawing. To see its beauty, you need to add composition and perspective to it. Come join our class to learn how your own creativity can lead you to do just that.

Still Life Drawing
Still life drawing is the stage when an artist is ready to tell a story from objects they like to those around him or her using the skills acquired in previous stages. The key to be able to do this with flying colors is confident story telling. Learn how to draw your art story with us.

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