Drawing Classes photos

Do you like to draw? Would you like classes that are more focused on you?

I have been teaching art classes this October 2015. Things have been going great, Alhamdulilah. We have 7 students registered this month and they have been enjoying every class. With upcoming classes starting in November 2015, I hope to have more students join in on the fun.

I have heard and seen other Art Tuition that the students create beautiful artwork at the end of the day but I think something is wrong with that. Education shouldn’t be about making something so beautiful everyday. That’s not how it works. A real artist learns from a Teacher, makes mistakes and gradually becomes great. We should be teaching how to create artwork from your creativity and skills. Not from what someone tells you to draw or paint or color.

I also teach my students in a home school environment that is comfortable and relaxing. Where they can laugh, learn and share their thoughts. I also put an effort to remind students how art can remind us of Allah and our Messenger, peace be upon him.

Here are a few photos of our wonderful students. If you are interested in enrolling for our November Drawing classes, click here

For more pictures, click here

shading - oct persp and comp 3 - oct still life - oct


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