New Drawing Classes – Nov. – Dec.

Assalamu allaikum everyone,

Today marks a sad and happy point in Sadly, today was my last student for the Drawing Classes. So sad. :( But, we got a whole new drawing classes coming up and you should come.

I just finished making the new poster for the upcoming drawing classes. In the last class, we had some amazing students show their talent. Masha Allah!

pssst…. click here to see them draw stuff

We are looking for some more students join our new classes. In sha Allah, we’ll be using ink this time to draw. If you read comics or like cartoons then you’ll love using ink. This is the medium that comic book artist use.

You might be asking yourself, what’s the difference? In the first course, we focused on introducing the core techniques to begin drawing. In the next course, we will expand on those techniques, try to perfect them and encourage students to practice them more often. To be inspired and inspire others. Its not just about drawing but to find an alternative to academic education. Creative students are just as good as Academic students.

For new students, you can click here to find the full description of the classes given.

You can print out the form below to have an early booking. Seats are limited and might get filled soon. In sha Allah, I’ll be handing them out this Monday just in case you are unable to print it out.

Looking forward seeing new and old faces in my new and exciting Art Classes.




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