Nature: Paint in watercolor

Assalamu allaikum,

This class, we looked at the beauty of nature. Many people think that the only cool thing to do is to animals and people. Although that is a popular opinion, I believe that there is much more variety and beauty in the nature. A tree might not be so breathtaking, but when you start to mix different trees, flowers, water, river, logs, waterfalls, clouds and your imagination. You start to create a whole world that is your own.

Many artists have primarily studied nature and did a great job. I think that it takes more courage and imagination to enjoy painting or drawing nature than animals and people.

For this class, the students were asked what kind of nature / landscapes you can think of. After we decided what would make a great painting. We decided on a Sakura tree. The pink flower tree that is popular in Japan.

Here are the results from the class:


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