Underwater in water…color

Assalamu allaikum,

Our second watercolor class went well, Alhamdulilah. I really enjoyed it. The students had a class before so they were aware of the colors, some of the techniques and ways to stay clean / neat during painting session. One of our students even brought his own apron so he would be extra clean.

Instead of trying to paint / draw a picture from a photograph. I decided it would be more fun and enjoyable to paint / draw a picture from a cartoon. Using a cartoon puts less pressure on the students and lets them experiment with different shapes and objects. The best thing is that they are making artwork and not copying a picture!

We used pencil to sketch out our initial drawing, then used ink to make an outline and then we used watercolor to paint the shapes.

I encourage the students to practice at home with watercolor and finish their paintings. As I tell many of my students. A lot of the learning will be at home through practice and your effort. My classes is just to share with you things I know.

Here are the results:


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