Art without life is STILL great

Assalamu allaikum,

Banana. Paint. Art.

This week we painted still life. Fruits are great. They are mostly spheres (circles), so students have an easy time drawing them but a more challenging time painting them. Bananas are more challenging to draw because they are not spheres but less challenging to paint.

I was inspired by an Art Teacher who was showing the way artists use apples to tell a story. About apples having their own personality and having a relationship with other apples. With each painting, the students told a story through their art. Just ask them, and they’ll tell you the story in their artwork.

We started out warming up with sketches of the fruits. Then we made a light sketch and painted. I wanted to have this class focus on realism and observation. We looked at the lighting of the fruits, the shadows of the fruits onto one another. The simpler look at color and the composition of the fruit.

I think that still life is still the most challenging class and i congratulate the students who attended this week’s class. I hope you had fun and learned something.

Here are the results:


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