Is Moodle really that great? Moodle vs. WordPress

Assalamu allaikum,

I’ve been told to use Moodle. I’ve also been running a blog for a while. Question is. What is better? A blog or Moodle? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each platform.



  • LMS (Learning Management System) Easy to view as a guest / user
  • Especially made for Education
  • Post quiz and tests online
  • Post course work and assignments


  • Complicated platform that is not user friendly
  • Students / Teachers don’t use it so much
  • Content is not easily available for public
  • Unable to personalize your content



  • Personalize your blog to suit your audience
  • Easily available to the public
  • Easily edit and add posts
  • SEO friendly


  • Content is not private
  • Slight learning curve
  • Need to spend more time to create content
  • Not designed for an educational platform


They both have their pros and cons. I understand why some Teachers use Moodle, it looks really good when parents and students use it, its confidential and its sole purpose is for the education field.

Although I find Moodle useful. I don’t think that it should be forced on all of us. There are some Teachers and students who may find a Blog more useful and are able to use it more. Some students don’t have a username and password because they are too young. I agree that it has its uses but for me, as a Teacher teaching younger students and the arts. I find a blog extremely more useful. I can post student artwork, my thoughts, game posts, exam reviews and anything else.

Let’s face it, we are not a university, we don’t have to worry about other school stealing our information. I’m not going to go and post results of the tests or post an exam online on my blog. I’m going to post content that students and parents can look at anytime without the worry for remembering passwords and usernames.

Moodle is good for the representation of a school. It shows that Teachers are active, posting school work and results. But if no Teacher uses Moodle isn’t it as useful as no Teachers posting any content on their blog?



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