Learning how to draw: Year 7

Assalamu allaikum,

How many hours does a pilot have to train before they can fly a plane with people?

How many hours does a doctor have to perform before they can be a surgeon?

Do you think that the people who are good at something, are born with something different than the rest of us? Maybe there’s something that they do, that we can do too.

That word is PRACTICE.

Like the old saying goes “Practice makes perfect” or what I like to say “Practice makes you really good”. Some people say it takes 10, 000 hours to be a master of your skill. I don’t agree with that fully. If you practice wisely, you should be able to master a skill much faster in sha Allah.

Today, we are practicing how to draw in a wise manner. This is the first class of the year for Year 7. First a questionnaire was given to see how the students perceive art, and how much of their life is dedicated to this skill. We practiced drawing simple shapes, lines and easy drawings using a dash line method. It’s kind of like sketching, but easier to start off with.

Click on Ultra Man to see more about how to draw for beginners.



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