IGCSE art tuition in Subang Jaya – A new beginning

igcse-logoThis weekend will mark the beginning of the IGCSE home school art course. The course will take one year to complete. Where they will be focusing on two skills: drawing and painting. Some students are great at drawing and can get even better or they could use some more help with colors. While the other side are great at colors and could use some extra help while they are struggling with drawing.

I am really excited to start this course because I want to see my students use their art skills to improve the people around them and to do what they want to do. Not many people have the courage to go against the norm and take up painting as a option in their IGCSE test. Most students will stick to the safe “academic” options. I salute them!

If you are interested in joining, it’s still not too late. Even if classes are starting, you can come and catch up to them. Although it is recommended to attend when classes start.

I am also concerned about some students who want to take Art with their other subjects while preparing to take their exams. Art is not easy and will need to take some extra preparation time. I recommend to take my course a year before their exams begin. Ages 13 and above are a great time to take this course. Unlike other subjects which can leave your memory, Art is a skill that sticks with you and acts like a muscle. Even if you don’t do Art for a few years, once you start practicing again, you can get back into it in no time.

Any inquiries call me at: 016 617 0838 (Malaysian number)


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