first class of IGCSE: Art & Design

It has been a long time and work in planning, but our first art class finished last weekend. Students were introduced to the venue, how to arrive and how to get to the classes. It was a day full of running around getting everything ready for the students but alhamdulilah, everyone showed up and enjoyed their class.

Classes had an introduction to their tools, how to use them, how to take care of them and other tools that will be given to them. They also used a sketching easel and how to adjust it according to their height.

I asked the students some questions about themselves and what they want to accomplish in their life and in class with the skills learned in the art class. They wrote down all of these answers in their book to remind them of their goals in life and class.

They learned about blind drawing, restating and learning how to see vs. think. With these new skills, they applied them to a couple drawings. If they were not able to finish these exercises during class, they can finish it for homework. They will need to show drawing their feet with shoes on and drawing their hands while facing them.

Homework was given which should take 90 minutes to complete. They will need to decorate their sketchbook with a title page “my sketch book” for 45 minutes, read the pages of the book given to them for 15 minutes, practice their hand and shoe drawings for 30 minutes while using the 3 keys of drawing (restating, blind drawing and look, hold and draw a line).

Students will need to finish it no late than the next class and their work will be critiqued first thing in class.


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