IGCSE Drawing Course: Chapter 1 is finished!

Wow, time has flown by so quick and classes are almost finished for the first Session. We wrapped up the first Chapter early and have already begun the second Chapter.

We had our first and biggest class so far, Alhamdulilah. 4 students were able to join today’s class and it felt like a real classroom. Even though there were more students than usual it added a dynamic to the classes and still felt like there was a lot of room to move around.

The students learned about the other 2 rules of shapes. Which are to tie shapes together and when you see a “trapped” shape, draw it. They were able to practice these rules in class along with the other two rules from the previous lesson here.Students were asked to bring in a mechanical object. Most students brought a can opener, while others were able to use a hand mixer and a lemon squeezer. All of them did really well Masha Allah and most of them were able to use at least two of the rules of shape.

Everyone had a self-assessment to see how they did these past 3 weeks. Everyone was honest and will need to improve where they answered a no. Once the books arrive, they will be able to write in their books their answers. A self-assessment will be given at the end of each Chapter in sha Allah.

Lastly, in Chapter 2 we were able to look at the 6 artists, some of their work and their handwriting, and see if they’re intuitive or analytical. The artists we looked at were:

Please take 10 minutes or so and read or look on google images whichever artist you chose that you relate to the most. Please be aware that some of the painting or drawings from Matisse, Degas, and Delacroix will include figure drawings of women. Many Artists study anatomy to become better at drawing or painting. The goal of Chapter 2 is not to figure draw but to take some of their handwriting and able to use it in our drawings. Also look up drawing and not paintings as we are studying drawing for the first course.

For students who have not completed all the homework, I ask you to catch up on missed homework from the previous classes.


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