Student Progression Session 1

With the end of Session 1, I will be helping parents and students with the progression of the coursework and performance thus far. Our students are very eager to learn and want to use Art as a platform for their future endeavors. I will be breaking this post into two parts, one for the parents and another for the students.

For Parents

Your children are very talented and eager to learn. They have all the supplies they need for the classes and eager to learn. They behave during classes and spend lots of time doing activities. They are still learning new things and their potential will not come overnight. Here are a few things that I’ve noticed that could be improved.

  • Check the Blog for Homework – I have listed the homework for students to complete after each class. Please make sure they manage their time well and are able to complete the homework.
  • Rushing the work – Some students are rushing to finish the homework before class. Their work isn’t good when they rush it. Their work is good when they take their time.
  • Homework time – Students are given homework for around 1.5 hours per week. Ask them how much time they spent to do their homework. The less time they spend, the less improvement you’ll see in their work.
  • Carrying Case – Please make sure your child brings a carrying case for their art supplies. The bag that was given to them is not meant to be used for the entire course.

For Students

You are the ones who will change yourselves, not me or your parents or your friends. Please make a conscious effort to develop your skills. The students who are taking IGCSE course will need to be very disciplined in order to take it. I believe that if you take this course seriously you will be ready to take the exam.

  • Using the sketchbook – I gave everyone a sketchbook, don’t be afraid to use it for drawing other than classwork and homework
  • Spend more time doing the homework – Some of the work is done really well, but most of it is rushed or given so that they completed their work. The homework is given so that they can improve.
  • Use the right techniques – There are some techniques that are taught during the lessons, please use those same techniques for your work
  • Reading the book – All the students have their book, please read it and study it. Take lessons from it and practice them.
  • Evolve- The point of this course is for you to evolve and learn new things, If you keep going back to what you are used to, you won’t change.
  • Have a goal – In the first class, I asked you 7 questions, make sure you are focused and have a goal for this course.

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