IGCSE ART EXAM: Your 2nd week

So things are going well, are they? Good. It’s time the next part of your exam. The first week was about researching, brainstorming, taking photos and choosing a topic. More of this can be found here. In this article, we will be discussing what needs to be done for the 2nd week. Please keep in mind that the exam that is explained here is the mock exam which will only be 4 weeks long.

This stage is all about observational drawings about your subject. Making drawings that will follow throughout. You don’t need to worry about the quality of your drawings at this stage but try to make an attempt to include only your best work. You layout of drawingswill need to include 2 – 6 drawings with bullet point description of your drawings (what is it, why did you choose this picture, how did you draw it and what kind of media did you use?). The board that all of you work will be posted on will be A3 size. The board should be a rigid material that doesn’t bend or gets easily damaged. Please draw a layout of how you want to place your drawings on your board so you know what kind of size your drawings should be. For example, If you wanted to draw 4 squares or 2 long rectangles or 2 big squares with 2 rectangles beside them.


When you are making sketches, you will get higher marks if you show variety in your work. It will show that you went the extra step in creating your artwork and to show your creativity and exploration of ideas and mediums. So instead of having all of your drawings in graphite on white paper. You can try other methods. Here is a list of alternative methods.

  • Graphite pencil on white paper
  • Ink pen on brown paper
  • Black and white pencil on gray paper
  • Indian ink and white ink or black and white pencil over an watered down ink wash ground
  • Graphite pencil or a pen on a textured paper / collaged paper (try to use related work for collage work
  • Black and/or white Pen on a ground of diluted splashed ink
  • Ink using a stick
  • Charcoal on paper
  • White charcoal on black paper
  • Ink on watercolor paper
  • Black and white photographic prints

Don’t forget to annotate your work. Don’t write a paragraph, just bullet points so that you can save time writing and the examiner will understand what your vision was and why you submitted this drawing.



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