IGCSE Art & Design marking scheme explained

Paper 1 Marking Scheme

The IGCSE Art & Design exam must be taken in two parts. The first paper will be “Paper 1”, as a student you have a choice between choosing another paper either “Paper 2, Paper 3 or Paper 4”. We will talk more in detail about Paper 1 as this is mandatory for students to take.

Papers 1 – 4

Paper 1 – Broad based assessment
Paper 2 – Design based assessment
Paper 3 – Critical and Historical assessment
Paper 4 – Coursework assessment

Paper 1 – Broad Based Assessment

After you register, you are given a single questions with different options. You will need to choose what topic that best suits your skill level and interest. It is “broad-based” because you can use a variety of approaches and skill sets to complete this paper.

The exam is broken into 5 catergories, each is weighed equally with 20 marks each. 5 x 20 marks = 100 marks. The next portion will explain what might be expected to recieve high marks in each catergory.

A01 – Gathering, recording, reseearch and investigation – 20 marks

(a) Investigate and research a variety of appropriate sources
– Go out and take pictures, explore and find your subject, study your subject in more detail

(b) Record and analyse information from direct observation and/or other sources and personal experience
draw from first hand observation or from other places (avoid google) or from old photos / belongings

AO2 Exploration and development of ideas – 20 marks

(a) Explore a range of visual and/or other ideas by manipulating images
Take parts of your observational studies / reference and create another drawing
(b) Show a development of ideas through appropriate processes
Don’t just make beautiful drawings but show a process from point A to point B and so on

AO3 Organisation and relationships of visual and/or other forms – 20 marks

(a) Organise and use the visual and/or other forms effectively to express ideas
– Express your ideas using form or other interesting subject matter

(b) Make informed aesthetic judgements by recognising the effect of relationships between visual and/or other forms
– Be consious of what you are composing your drawing with form and other subject matter

AO4 Selection and control of materials, media and processes – 20 marks

(a) Show exploration and experimentation with appropriate materials
– Use different mediums and paper

(b) Select and control appropriate media and processes, demonstrating practical, technical and expressive skills and intentions
– Be neat with your selected medium and show you can use it properly

AO5 Personal vision and presentation – 20 marks

(a) Show personal vision and commitment through an interpretative and creative response
– Show a personal response to your artwork and not be so shallow

(b) Present an informed response through personal evaluation, reflection and critical thinking
– Think and change your artwork based on your best personal judgement

Coming up with a good idea

A big mistake young artists can do is that they think their idea is good enough and don’t spend too much time creating a great idea. They might think to themselves “This isn’t drawing or painting so I don’t need to do so much work” This might be the most important step of all. Not only will it determine how committed you are to your exam but will also show your creative and thinking process throughout your exam. Linked below is a great flowchart to see if your “idea” is really great or not. Take your time with this step and make sure you really like your idea, if you couldn’t make it all the way down the list, come up with a few more ideas and see if any of them compare any differnent.

How to select a great topic

How the marks are awarded

Ever wonder how you scored so high or so low on your exam? Let me try to explain how the marks are awarded. They are based on a description. If you meet this description you will be awarded a range of marks within that description. It would be a good idea to have this with you while you are preparing your preparation sheet to see how you marks might turn out. If you do, be honest with yourself or even better have your Art Teacher grade you. Someone who can be honest and able enough to appoint your appropriate marks.

0400_w14_ms_1 – download this file to see the full descriptions



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