International TEFL Academy: Step by Step Guide

With so many online TEFL websites out there and so many reviews, it's hard to decide where you should take your course. I will be giving you a step-by-step guide how ITA: International TEFL Academy works and how to earn your TEFL certificate. Keep reading to find out how you can receive a free digital … Continue reading International TEFL Academy: Step by Step Guide

Adult English Conversation Classes – At a Hotel

Today embarks a new journey. One in which I have never walked down. I'm talking about.... teaching adults. dun, dun, dunnnnnn. Good thing I had a great student today! It made it a lot easier and more enjoyable than I thought. In this post, we'll be talking about what we did and what kind of things we … Continue reading Adult English Conversation Classes – At a Hotel

English Class 1-04 & 1-05 Highlight

New books, new looks! To make things more interesting in class. We have given away more books to our students. Trying to make things a little bit more fun and getting away from the monotony of things. Reading books every class is great but, y'know, trying new things. Let's see how it goes. English Class … Continue reading English Class 1-04 & 1-05 Highlight

English Class 1-02 & 1-03 Plan

Hello parents and students, For our classes, here are a few points we will go over during class: Reading & comprehension Vocabulary Writing Pronunciation Looking at their schoolwork Conversational dialogue As usual, we'll be looking at the Enid Blyton series of stories. This week we'll look at: Something Funny Going On, and Foolish Mr. Wop. … Continue reading English Class 1-02 & 1-03 Plan

English Class 1-01 Class highlights

For my student and family of the student here is what happened during the class. 30-minute assessment We went through the basics just to make sure he's on a good footing. Pronunciation of the alphabet, able to read and comprehend, spelling, and able to hold a conversation with the Teacher. After the assessment, I could … Continue reading English Class 1-01 Class highlights