Read books without reading!

Do you know someone who is struggling to read? Maybe you want to read a book but don't have the time? Maybe listening to a book can help you out! We might be a bit hesitant to download an audio book. I am too. Won't it make me dumb? I mean reading a book is … Continue reading Read books without reading!


English Class 1-06 Plan & Highlights

I wanted to spend the time during class to finish one of the longest stories in our book. With only one class this week, I would be able to give extra homework. We answered a lot of questions from this story and did a lot of vocabulary, not to mention the vocabulary from the wordsearch … Continue reading English Class 1-06 Plan & Highlights

Adult English Conversation Classes – At a Hotel

Today embarks a new journey. One in which I have never walked down. I'm talking about.... teaching adults. dun, dun, dunnnnnn. Good thing I had a great student today! It made it a lot easier and more enjoyable than I thought. In this post, we'll be talking about what we did and what kind of things we … Continue reading Adult English Conversation Classes – At a Hotel